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The postpartum doula enters the family home as a nurturing, trained professional to support the mother, along with the entire family, in transitioning from childbirth into parenthood. She comes well equipped with knowledge and personal experience to help ease the family through this adjustment period gracefully and lovingly.


Historically, in societies through the ages, the first forty days postpartum were reserved for healing and resting from the rigors of childbirth but new mothers today rarely receive the adequate support needed to appropriately recover and adjust to their new life. In the past, this included nurturing the baby, as well as the mother, into good health allowing the new mother to focus on bonding with her child. New mother's physical and mental needs were met so she could concentrate on the most important thing in her life currently - her new baby. Although these traditions of the past faded away, the need for them did not.



Doula Basics postpartum Noeleen Lang

Noeleen Lang

As an experienced postpartum doula with 20+ years of experience, Noeleen has dedicated her life to supporting families in their postpartum journey. Noeleen has experience working with premature newborns as well as twins. Originally from Ireland, Noeleen has worked in the Bay Area since 2003. Fluent in English, Noeleen also knows some French and loves to hike, work out and watch movies in her free time.


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My job is to work myself out of a job by preparing you with the necessary skills and knowledge to transition into parenthood smoothly.

Noeleen Lang
Postpartum doula changing newborn

Individualized Care

Working with you on a schedule to best suits your needs, whether that's overnight or hours unique to your situation, you will receive individualized support with your newborn. In addition to caring for your child, an emphasis is placed on getting the parents the support they need as well.

Sleepy baby during Postpartum care

Sleep Consulting

Implementing healthy sleeping habits for your baby is a main goal of Doula Basics. Using our expertise and past experiences, we help create and implement long-lasting sleeping habits so your newborn can properly rest (and the parents can too).

Woman breastfeeding after Lactation Counseling

Lactation Counseling

Every breastfeeding journey is unique to the individual. Helping guide new mothers through this journey is a priority when working with Doula Basics. We will work together to develop practical solutions that fit your unique needs and make the transition into motherhood enjoyable.

Virtual Support

We understand the importance of keeping your family safe and healthy during these uncertain times. All of our services can now be requested virtually.

Interested in becoming a doula?

Doula Basics offers the training required to become a certified postpartum doula. Contact us below for additional information.

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COVID Precautions

Are you vaccinated?

Yes, I have been fully vaccinated.

How many clients does Doula Basics serve? How can we ensure our family will be kept safe?

Due to COVID, we have completely overhauled our procedures and the way we work to ensure a safe environment for you. As part of those changes, we have changed our policies and will now only serve one family at a time.

Are you tested regularly for COVID-19?

Yes, we are tested for COVID regularly and always before entering your home.

How does this change the doula experience?

The changes we have made are to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. We will wear protective clothing inside the house, including a mask, scrubs and regular hand washing is mandatory. In addition, we look to the CDC for guidelines and will follow any additional requirements enforced by the CDC. Aside from these minor inconveniences, the benefits of a doula are much intact and will be experienced as expected.


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rest & recovery

Working with a postpartum doula will allow you to transition gracefully into motherhood. With a doula's support, both parents will be allowed the time required to heal physically and mentally.

knowledge & experience

Equipped with 20+ years of experience, there isn't much that we haven't experienced. This knowledge will be invaluable in making sure your baby is properly taken care of.


Clients of Doula Basics are treated like family and that mentorship lasts a lifetime. Even after completion of services with us, feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


Please reach out to us with the contact form or give us a call, text, or email at the information provided below and we will reach out within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!


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